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FlexSecure FS35

The FlexSecure FS35 High Security classification ISO 17712:2013  C-TPAT testing standard and is C-Pats and PIP (Canada) compliant.

This versatile seal fits many applications and is especially suited to bulk railcars, intermodal containers and trailers.

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(Each Box contains 200 items.)
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Technical Data Sheet

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Seal applications

  • High value shipments
  • Container door latches
  • Trailers door latches
  • Cross border shipments
  • In-bond shipments
  • Bulk Tankers


  • ISO 17712:2013 High Security compliant.
  • Aluminium bodied, 3.5mm dia. non-preformed galvanized aircraft cable.
  • All steel locking components
  • Difficult to alter the information printed on the body of the seal
  • Separates into individual strands when cut and cannot be resealed.
  • Provides durability over plastic seals but maintains the colour identification.
  • Can be customised by laser printing a name or  logo, number and barcode.


  •  Main body of aluminium with integral locking components in zinc and steel.
  • Galvanised non-preformed aircraft control cable.

 Tensile Strength

  • 1088Kgf


  •  Body 28.6mm x 22.7mm x 7.6mm
  • Cable diameter 3.5mm
  • Standard cable length 300mm

 Marking / print

  •  Laser printing name or logo, seq numbering and barcoding.



  • Red 

Upon Request

  • blue


  • Standard packing 10 seals per tray
  • 200 seals per box
  • Box dims 318mm x 305mm x 184mm
  • Weight 36lbs