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MD Manhole and Drain Seal

Made from vulcanised rubber this seal has two lines of interlocking security cuts which are intended to be positioned either side of the aperture. It is supplied with a high bond adhesive for ease of application or two strips of mastic on the export version. The heavy duty material means that the seal does not wear or fracture when in use, furthermore its flexibility makes it suitable for uneven or unstable surfaces with excellent resistance to adverse environmental conditions. Seals size 70 x 70 mm, supplied equentially numbered with controlled supply to customers such as Security Police, Military and Special Protection Authorities.

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This seal is supplied either with two strips of heavy duty mastic

(EXPORT VERSION) or a spray can adhesive. To apply the latter

place the seal reverse side up alongside the desired position, then

spray adhesive to both seal and application area. Allow to cure for 2-3

minutes before placing the coated side of the seal firmly into place.

Type MD (export)

Remove the silicone backing liners, then position the seal with the

mastic strips either side of the aperture, finally press down firmly

using a small roller or similar item