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Gemini Tote Seal (Non Stock)

The Gemini is a dual-numbered fixed length plastic security seal primarily designed to secure tote boxes. Since totes require two seals to be properly secured, the Gemini Tote Security Seal is always manufactured in “twin” sets with identical numbers. The Gemini Tote Seal is used extensively throughout Retail, Pharmaceutical, and cargo/Freight & Cash-In Transit Industries.

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(Each Box contains 1000 items.)
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  • Tote Boxes
  • In-flight Service Carts
  • Storage Equipment
  • Trailers w/multiple doors


  • Durable, all-plastic, two-piece construction.
  • Patented tamper-resistant locking mechanism and design.
  • Thin, flat sealing strap designed to fit most totes.
  • Identically numbered and hot stamped with a company name or logo


  • HDPE and Acetal or Nylon and Acetal


  • Overall Length: 127mm
  • Operational Length: 76mm
  • Diameter when locked: 25mm


  • HDPE: 16kg. Nylon: ~ 45kg.


  • Marked with Text or Logo and numbered.


  • Yellow / Red / Orange / Light Blue / Blue / Dark Blue / White / Green / Black


  • 2 per set 1,000 per carton