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KR Partial Residue Void Security Seal (Call for Price)

  • The KR VOID seal leaves a partial residue void message behind on the sealed surface Once the seal is totally or partially removed. This residue can be easily rubbed away without the need for strong cleaning agents. Suitable for most clean, dry, grease free surfaces. Preferred colours are Red and Blue. Supplied as a stock item in red or can be produced to customer’s instruction.
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(Each Roll contains 1000 items.)
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The aggressive adhesive backing makes this security label suitable for use on all surfaces in applications where it is necessary to control access or usafe, also to indicate unauthorized interference.


  • Removable residue. While a residue remains on the application surface it can easily be removed or a replacement security label can be positioned over the residue.
  • Supplied in rolls of 1000 labels with backing liner perforated between each label for easy use.
  • Customized design text or logo together with sequental numbering are standard.
  • While there are (3) basic sizes available, any shape or size of label can be supplied to customer requirement.
  • Supplied in red and blue as standard but other colors are available for larger quantity orders.
  • Stock labels are available in three sizes.
  • Type: Removable residue void label


  • Mylar polyester


  • Stock Sizes:85 x 25mm; 110 x 30mm

Marking / Print


  • Red with White print or Black print
  • marked SECURITY SEAL, 
  • Write on panel standard.
  • stocked numbered in pairs for LV Pouches

Upon Request

  • Barcoding available
  • Custom Marking


Red or Blue, Other colours please call for.


  •  1000 labels per roll